Acupuncture is a complete, holistic form of healthcare that has continually evolved over the past 2,000 years. It has helped billions of people worldwide get well and stay healthy.

This ancient medicine is based on the core concepts of Qi, the vital energy that courses through our bodies, Yin and Yang, Blood and Fluids, Spirit and Essence, and the importance of balance amongst these elements. Oriental medicine, of which Acupuncture is just one part, endeavors to return the body back to a state of homeostasis and thus, to good health!

What should you expect?

During your initial visit, a full and thorough health history will be taken. If you would like to fill out your intake forms prior to your visit, you may download them from this website or we can email them to you. If you prefer to fill out the forms in our office, you are more than welcome to do so, but please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to do so.

Questions that will be asked include symptomology, overall health and lifestyle. A tongue and pulse diagnosis will also be taken. The tongue and pulse reflect what is going on inside of your body and by checking them not only in your initial visit, but in your follow up visits as well, This help to complete the picture of your current state of health and allows me to make a proper diagnosis of your condition. Initial visits are approximately one hour and a half, while follow up visits are approximately an hour.

I use sterile, single use, disposable needles of the finest gauge so as to be as painless as possible. The needles do not penetrate very deeply, as I find a more shallow insertion also lends to a more painless experience. Most people feel no pain at all, but you may experience sensations of tingling, slight numbness, heaviness or a dull ache. Often, patients report feelings of energy spreading or moving from the needles. Some patients do not feel anything at all or fall asleep shortly after the needles are inserted. All of these indications are perfectly normal. Every person is different and each treatment a unique experience.

After the treatment you may feel energized, or deeply relaxed. You will have a strong sense of well being. Be sure you take it easy after your session – refrain from any strenuous activity, stressful situations, drugs* or alcohol for at least 6 hours, as this can reverse the positive effects of treatment.

It is not uncommon to feel prompt relief of some symptoms, though complete resolution may take a number of visits. Treatments have a cumulative effect, meaning, the more often you have acupuncture, the longer lasting the effects of the treatment will be. For minor injuries or disease, one treatment may be all you need. For other more chronic, serious problems, multiple or regular treatments will serve you better.

Is it safe?

There are very few side effects to acupuncture. It is important not to indulge in a heavy meal, alcohol or drugs* prior to your appointment. It is recommended however, that you have eaten something within two hours prior to being treated. Another consideration is that for a rare few, acupuncture may temporarily worsen your condition. This is considered to be a sign of change in the body, and is considered to be a positive indication that you are on the road to recovery.

Preparing for your visit

Come prepared to your visit by bringing any questions you might have and a complete health history, including what supplements and/or medications you may be taking. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. It is not necessary to remove all your clothing during a treatment, but you may be asked to take off certain items, like a shirt or pants, to allow access to certain acupoints. You will be covered and made comfortable at all times.

You are my number one priority. It is my wish to make your visit as pleasant and effective as possible. I treat my patients as individuals, and as such, your particular treatment will vary from visit to visit. I am well versed in many different modalities, and I like to use those different tools to tailor a singular and unique treatment for each of my patients. I look forward to serving you on your journey towards better health!