This meditation is set to lovely, relaxing music. You will be walked thru a segment of deep relaxation, followed by beautiful imagery that will allow you to create a filter designed to clean your body of both physical and energetic toxins. Come back to the world feeling whole, at peace, healthy and happy!   

Duration 17:37 minutes

This guided meditation will lead you to a deeper level of health.  With graceful, soft music playing in the background, I will take you step by step through the organ systems, reconnecting the energies of each, leaving them healthy and vibrant!  

Duration 20:59 minutes

Join me in this adventurous, guided journey, based on a meditation I learned long ago and adapted for a more modern time.  The Gift takes you on a lovely walk in the woods, to a clearing, where you discover a precious gift all your own – the gift of love! Set to beautiful music, you will return relaxed and rejuvenated, carrying your special gift within you.

Duration: 18:20 minutes