The Practitioners’ Edition

If you are a healthcare practitioner, or are thinking of becoming one, this is the program for you!

5 detailed modules walk you thru how to discover whether you are an Empath and how that relates to your business.  Carefully laid out information is shared so that you can evolve on both a personal and professional level, creating a thriving business and the most amazing life that you could want!

This edition is created with beautiful videos that accompany each and every chapter.  Downloadable MP3 audios are also available, so you can take this course with you, wherever you go!  With nearly 4 and a half hours of comprehensive instruction, you are sure to appreciate all this edition can do for your business, your clients and your life!

Each chapter concludes with a set of questions to help the seeker dig deeper into themselves to help evolve the process of becoming a better practitioner.  Each module ends with a beautiful guided meditation that will assist you in assimilating the teaching in a very real and practical way.

You will also be afforded the opportunity to interact with other like-minded participants in a private Facebook page, which will help serve the learning process in more dynamic ways.

There are bonuses!  Two guided meditations are included, to be used once you have completed the entire course, bringing together the foundational teachings of Grounding, Centering and Protecting.  These meditations are created in a succinct way, so that you can very easily incorporate them into your every day. There is an additional bonus as well! This special instructional audio leads you through the practice of energetic clearing of your personal and professional spaces.

In taking this amazing online course, you will be better able to understand your own behaviors, reactions, as well as those of your clientele.  You will learn why practitioners often “burn out” and you will learn techniques to keep that from happening to you. This is an important class for anyone in the business of people care, whether you have been working for years or you are just thinking about such a career.  Learning to Ground, Center and Protect yourself and the spaces you live and work in, is invaluable in being a true and happy success!