The Guardians’ Edition

For parents, grandparents, family members, teachers, caregivers and other guardians of our precious empathic children, this is the training edition for you! In this course, you will learn to recognise if your child is Empathic and what that means for you and for her or him! From what you will learn in this in depth program, you will develop a better understanding of their behaviors and become more prepared to help them meet their individualistic needs.

Even if you are not directly involved with an empathic child, this training could be essential for you if you are thinking of going into teaching, child care, health care or becoming a parent. Specifically designed to enable you to better relate to the growing numbers of children coming into our world now that are open, tuned in and in pain.

As part of this unique teaching, each chapter is followed with thought provoking questions to help you dig deeper and create a better understanding of the Empathic child.

You will have the opportunity to discuss these questions and more in a private Facebook group, with other, wonderful, loving and like minded people.

Included in this program is special bonus section expressly created for young Empaths!

  • Direct communication is used in audio format to help the young Empath discover who they are and how best to deal with some of the issues and feelings they may be experiencing.
  • Each section is followed by thought provoking questions designed to encourage journaling and discussion with a Guardian and/or trusted friends.
  • Beautiful, guided meditations are gifted to help the Empath connect to who they are and how, through a practical approach, to apply these lessons in their daily life. Learning how to Ground, Center and Protect oneself is vital for any Empath.
  • Through your Guardian’s private Facebook invitation, your young Empath is openly encouraged to interact in this group, to help them connect to the growing community of Empaths and with those that care and understand them.

Coming Soon!