The Empaths’ Edition

This training program is essential for any Empath as a foundational tool to help you understand yourself!  Are you an Empath? What does that even mean? How does being an Empath affect your life, your relationships, your world?

You will find this program invaluable as it leads you step by step thru the process of becoming aware of who you are and how amazing your gifts are!  You will be given easy to understand instructions on the best ways to use your empathic abilities and how best to protect them.

As part of this unique teaching, each chapter is followed with thought provoking questions to help you dig deeper into your own distinctiveness. Each module ends with a beautiful, guided meditation that will help you in assimilating the teaching in a very real and practical way.

You will have the opportunity to discuss these questions and more in a private Facebook group, with other, wonderful, loving and like minded people.

And of course, there are bonuses!  Two short guided meditations are included, to be used once you have completed the entire course. Both audios bring together the foundational teachings of Grounding, Centering and Protecting, in precise, succinct ways, making it super easy to utilize what you’ve learned every single day.

Consider this course to be essential, foundational training for all Empaths.

Learn, Evolve and Grow!

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