“Grounding, Centering and Protecting are the foundational building blocks of your spiritual practice, your professional practice and most importantly – of your life!”

– Cat

As a holistic healthcare practitioner, you truly are a channel for energy. No matter what your professional title, if you are in the business of helping others, then you are working with energy!

Chances are, if you were drawn to a profession of healing others, you are an Empath.

And, while being an Empath can make you an outstanding practitioner, it can also leave you very vulnerable to taking on the energies of others.

Often times, this is not a good thing for anyone.

You chose your career not just to make money, but with that excitement and wide-eyed optimism that you can make a difference in people’s lives!

But if you absorb people’s sick energy, how quickly do you think it would take for that hope you have for a great business and a better life for those you touch, to come crashing to an end?

Ask yourself if any of this might apply to you:

Do you sometimes feel the emotions of other people or situations deeply, inside of yourself? When this happens are you compelled to help or repelled by the pain it evokes within you? Or perhaps you feel both!

Have you ever met up with someone whose feelings have influenced you so strongly, that your whole mood has changed?

Do you have an aversion to things like violent entertainment, too much news, large crowds?

These are just some of the signs you may be an Empath…

And how about these questions:

Do you feel as if you must give and give to your clients, patients, customers, friends, family – and even total strangers?

Do you find yourself tired or even drained as you go through your work day?

Are your nerves frayed? Are your thoughts scattered? Do you have difficulty staying on task?

Are you questioning why you are doing what you are doing? Are you losing yourself, while trying to still maintain a business of helping other people?

These are some common and very real signs of an Empathic health care professional in danger of getting ill and/or burning out.

I have created a beautifully designed, online course for people just like you! It is easy to use, thought provoking and full of real-world information that can help you, help yourself. When you can finally understand not only what being Empathic means to you personally, but also professionally, you can begin to discover ways to create a healthier lifestyle and a stunningly
successful business.

– Cat

As a child, Cat Wingate knew she was different. She could feel what other people felt, heard what they were thinking, and she could somehow tell if they were hurting. Without knowing why, she was drawn to people. Without knowing how, she felt compelled to help them. She was driven by an instinct to try and take away their pain, their hurt.

Cat discovered quickly that interacting with people – even those who seemed healthy and happy, could sometimes cause her great physical and emotional pain. Confused and distressed, she withdrew from people as much as she could, spending her time out in nature, with plants and animals. While it would be years before she would begin to understand and embrace her gifts fully, Cat was a natural healer and could not deny who she was or what her mission in life was to become.

Cat is what we now commonly call an Empath. Over the decades, she has honed her skills, expanding and deepening her expertise as an intuitive and highly attuned healer. She has learned how to utilize her talents safely, with a mastery that can only come from years of walking the path.

A Veteran of the United States Navy, a licensed Acupuncturist, a talented teacher and an accomplished business owner, Cat has brought her experience and knowledge forward to inspire and truly empower all those who seek to help others.

In her own unique style, Cat blends her wisdom, her compassion and her gifts into a remarkable way of supporting other Empaths – just like you! These teachings will bring you a new way of looking at your particular abilities. You will learn how to easily incorporate them into your professional and private life in a reliable, safe way with practical instruction that Cat herself uses every single day.

Unlock your own potential! Live the life you dream about!
Be more and do more – it’s only a click away.

Cat presently lives on the Big Island, Hawaii. She owns and operates a successful wellness center where she practices her art of Acupuncture, working along side other highly skilled, professional healers. She holds a Masters’ Degree in Oriental Medicine, has taught in many different venues, from private classes to graduate level college courses. She has an extensive background in business, in both government and private sectors, as well as running several varied enterprises from a young age.

When she is not working in Hilo, Cat can be found writing, teaching and traveling. She still has a great love of nature that is perhaps only surpassed by her passion for helping others.

See what other people are saying about Cat:

I’m 18 years old and started going to Cat 1 year and 8 months ago, for my anxiety.  At the time, my anxiety had gotten so bad, I was unable to function. I was doing badly in school and was unable to focus on anything.  I was close to giving up. To me, this was my last chance to see if I could ever heal at all. I had many doubts about it.

I’m very lucky I met Cat.  

When I got off the table after my first session with her, I was a different person completely.  It wasn’t just that my anxiety had left, but I had an optimistic outlook on life that I couldn’t remember having since I was a child.  Since that day I’ve gone back to Cat many times. She has incredible energy and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you step into her “office”.  I don’t know the intricate details of Cat’s particular techniques, but I know they work. Where western medicine continuously failed me, Cat managed to save my life and my sanity.

I had no idea what was going on with me.  I had a successful business, a happy life, a good marriage… but I was exhausted.  I had started to dread going into my office. I took a vacation and things got a little better – until I went back to work.  Halfway through my days, I would get so tired. I couldn’t stay focused and I actually started to get scared. I’d put my whole life into being a massage therapist.  My family relied on my income. Plus, I had 8 months to go on my current lease – if I gave up now, where was that money going to come from? I turned in desperation to Cat Wingate, who had been recommended to me several times, from different people.  Within the first 5 minutes or so, she explained me that I was an empath, and that in my line of business, I needed to learn better skills of protecting myself against picking up my client’s energies.

What she had to say made sense to me.  She knew exactly what was going on with me, what my days at work were like and predicted that I was heading for burnout, if I didn’t change some of the ways I did things.  

Cat is so easy to talk to.  She’s down to earth and she tells it like it is.  Being in a similar business, and knowing she’s gone through similar things, helped me to feel like I wasn’t going crazy.  I finally felt like there was hope and a way out. Between her self assured manner, her strong healing energy, and her unending encouragement and support, I learned to incorporate grounding, centering and protecting into all aspects of my life.

Today, I can tell you, I am happier than I ever was.  I have control back of my workspace and my personal space.  Even my clients have noticed the big difference in the way my office feels, and in the increased quality of their massages.  I feel more confident going forward that I will be doing what I love for many years to come! Thank you!!

Our child was having difficulties that other health professionals were unable to adequately address. We brought our child to see Cat in the hope that a different perspective would make a difference.

We saw significant improvement within the first few weeks, and continued improvement over several months.

We are delighted with the improvements in our child’s physical and emotional health, Cat’s approach was a Godsend!

The daily practise of Cat’s simple techniques has revolutionized, and re-energized my professional life and my health. As a clinician who works with patients who are physically ill and emotionally damaged, I have been through several periods of complete exhaustion over the years. As part of my work, I teach other health professionals in my particular area of expertise, and I would always emphasize the importance of self-care when working with patients whose needs are necessarily very high. And indeed, I have always practised self-care – meditating and taking exercise daily and eating healthily. However, during a ‘working phase’, I was busy, putting 100% of my heart and soul into each person. The patients recovered, and I would get busier, in more demand to both teach and practise, and progressively more worn out. My only answer to the inevitable physical collapse that followed, was to withdraw and rest, often having to leave patients in the middle of their treatment, which would weigh heavy on me.

The whole cycle was seemingly impossible: I was driven to do this work which I love, but it would lead to physical collapse and then I would feel terrible guilt of letting down clients, and family, as I once again had to recuperate. Cat has changed this for me – her expertise, so clearly and lovingly conveyed, has changed my life. Recognizing that I am what Cat terms an empath, and the ways in which this can be both my super-power and my kryptonite, was a breakthrough – both professionally and personally.

In the two years I have incorporated Cat’s techniques into my daily life, my energy has improved, I am able to see more patients, and teach more often. Quite simply, Cat’s techniques have changed my whole experience with others. It is my nature to give 100% to whomever I am with, family, patients, students, and that has not changed. Now, however, I am energized by those interactions, not drained by them, and the energy increases my effectiveness as a clinician. New solutions will arise that I would not previously have been able to facilitate or imagine with patients, students and family. Most importantly, during a time where I would typically have had two or three periods of collapse and had to withdraw, I have had none, not one! The personal, financial and emotional benefits that one change has brought me is something I never imagined possible.

Cat’s work is a shining light, simplifying and clarifying a personality trait that, left unrecognized, can wreak ongoing, painful havoc. She not only recognizes the trait of empathy, but fully understands how to effectively facilitate transforming it into the gift it truly is. I am so happy that Cat is following the emphatic encouragement of her many grateful clients, myself included, to bring her skills forward to help others in this way. The empowerment and transformation Cat’s unique work brings is sorely needed.

I have had the pleasure of working with Cat for several years now and I have seen firsthand the positive effects on patients and students alike when they get healthy and learn how to take care of themselves as empaths.  

It is amazing to watch Cat in action. The tools she provides are transformative skills that are simple and practical. When her patients do the work she asks of them, practicing good physic hygiene, they inevitably unlock this incredible Spirit within themselves.  

Every time this extraordinary conversion takes place I witness their lives change dramatically for the better which then creates a ripple effect that spreads out and reaches everyone around them. If you are an empath you must have these tools in your toolbelt.